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Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain, the highest mountain with an elevation of 1518m in Zhangjiajie, Located in Zhangjiajie City, Tianmen Mountain has a good location to Zhangjiajie Railway Station, Zhangjiajie Bus Station and Zhangjiajie Airport, it is often the first place the travellers visit when they arrive in Zhangjiajie. For a long time, Tianmen Mountain not only attracts the attention of the people by its miraculous and unique geographic landform and unparalleled natural landscape, but also well-known for its profound cultural connotations and famous colorful humanistic sites. It is revered as the soul of culture and spirit of Zhangjiajie and reputed as Number One Miraculous Mountain in Western Hunan. The stunning views on Tianmen Mountain including" The Natural Cave" and the Tianmen Heavily Road, The Glass Road and Tianmen cablecar.

★The Fast Facts on Tianmen Mountain
 Chinese Name: 天门山国家森林公园
 Height: 1518.6m
 Entrance Fee: 258RMB/PAX
 Suitable for: able hikers, natural lovers.
 Time needed: At least half day

★ Main Scenic Spots
Tianmen Heavily Road, which is also called Tongtian Avenue, has 99 turns symbolizing that Heaven has nine palaces. It has a well-deserved reputation-a wonder highway of the world. Through Tongtian Avenue, one reaches directly the Tianti-celestial ladder from the top of which a celestial-like scene comes into view. There are altogether nine hundred and ninety-nine steps in the Tianti (a vocabulary originated from Daoism, comparable to heaven in Christianity) which runs to the Heaven Gate. It is also the religious site for praying for happiness.
 Notes: Tianmen Heavily Road is 10.77 kilometers long. Private car and bus are not allowed to driving on it. The road is closed in winter for it's slippery, so you cannot go to Tianmen Cave from December to February in the next year.

Tianmen Heavily Road.jpgTianmen Mountain Cablecar, the longest one-way recycling passenger cablecar in the world, has a length of 7455 meters and a height gap of 1279 meters. It takes the tourists from the atmosphere of modern city directly to the hug of the primitive garden in the air. During the running of cablecar, the landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope, making the tourists experience a miraculous feeling of flying angels in the sky as well as of being blended into a long grand painting of landscape. The mountain-winding highway of Tianmen Mountain, nicknamed as Heaven-Linking Avenue, has a total length of less than 11 kilometers. Yet the elevation of it rises sharply from 200 meters to 1300 meters. The avenue rises steeply according to the form of mountain. The 99 blends link closely with each other and pile up in layers, making a pattern of a circling flying dragon reaching the skyline. Tourists marvel at it, which is worth the title of the Top Highway Wonder in the World.
Notes: There are 3 cablecar stations on Tianmen Mountain.Tianmen Cabecar is running throughout the whole year, even in winter. 

Tianmen Cave is the natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world. In the year 263(the sixth year of Wuyong Period of Three Kingdoms), the thousand-meter high cliff of Songliang Mountain suddenly broke open into a door-like cave which became a rare wonder of the world.Tianmen Cave runs south-northward with a height of 131.5 meters, a width of 57meters and a depth of 60 meters. It rises above the ground and nears the sky with a lofty and towering posture. The shadow of it reaches the north of the vast sea, the clouds over it near the south of the handle of the Dipper. It's much like a gate towards the heaven. The wonder attracted the visits and appreciations by emperors, officials, sages, hermits, dignitaries and men of letters of different dynasties. After the accumulation over the dynasties, the unique profound Culture of Heaven is built up. In 1999, the masters of international stunt flying piloted the planes to fly through Tianmen Cave. The activity gave rising to sensational reactions in the world. There were 800 million audiences watching the live telecast. Recently, Tianmen Cave is gaining more and more reputation for the International Wing-suit Flying competition is held here successfully each year.
 Notes: To reach the cave, take a tourist bus (usually a mini-bus) on the 99 Bends. Then there are 999 steep and narrow steps up to the cave, or ride elevator to reach there from the top of mountain.

Tianmen Cave.jpgTianmen Mountain Temple was first built in the Tang Dynasty as a center of Buddhism in the area of western Hunan. The present Tianmen Mountain Temple is rebuilt on the basis of the original site with a plot area of more than 10,000 sqm. It adopts an official style of the Qing Dynasty and the buildings in the Temple compare well with the famous classical houses at home. The Temple is located in the mountain hollow with a broad vision. If one gazes into the southeast, all the hills seem to be so small that the Temple is really like an overlord. Tianmen Mountain Temple is nestled in a natural hollow in the mountain ridge, providing a modicum of lee from the seasonally raw winds. Since the temple structure is large while all of the surrounding trees are dwarfs (bonsai-sized, though not the potted plant size that fits on your window ledge), it is as if the temple, by its very size relative to its surroundings, achieves its fitting position of symbolic dominance in the mountaintop's larger metaphysical scheme of things. Standing well apart from the temple is a pagoda that you should definitely visit, but which can only be accessed from Heavenly Gate Mountain Temple, either on foot (an arduous climb of 45 minutes!) or via a (ski) chair lift, which will set you back about 25 Yuan.
 Notes: It is not allowed to take pictures when you are visiting Tianmen Mountain Temple 

The Glass Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain is a relatively recently opened scenic spot in Tianmen Mountain, the skywalk is situated 4700 feet above the sea level, which is only 60 meters long and as much as 1430 ASL at the highest point. The glass skywalk expects to shock you on less than " Skywalk", the world-famous grand canyon glass veranda in the USA, it offers breathtaking views when you are on the top of Tianmen Mountain, you will feel like walking in a fairy land when the mist is still heavy.
 Notes: You are asked to wear shoe cover to protect the glass when you are walking on it, the entrance fee is 5RMB/PAX, and it's closed in winter or some raining days.

The Glass Skywalk.jpgYunmengxian Peak, 1518 meters above sea level , is the highest peak of Tianmen Mountain, and the highest geographical landmark of the Zhangjiajie Urban District. The original name of Tianmen Mountain is Yunmeng Mountain. Legend goes that it is a spiritual mountain in between the immortal and human worlds. There is only one step of distance between the immortal world and human world here, and this is the shortest distance to the immortal world. This is how "YunmengXian Peak" got its name. The view from Yunmengxian Peak is a summit that dominates Zhangjiajie, it occupies a commanding position, with a wide field of vision; the sun can be seen coming out from the red mountains in the early morning and a golden sunset can be seen in the evening. The climate and the view differ in all four seasons of the year. When looking out into all the different directions. Tianmen Mountain's sixteen peaks all have a different form. Tianmen Mountain Temple looks majestic; when the weather is clear, you can see the magnificent peak of Wulingyuan, and overlook the Li River twisting its way through the urban district of Zhangjiajie like a jade snake.
 Notes: You can take the mountain elevator to reach Yumengxian Peak directly after getting off Tianmen cablecar. 

★ Entry Fee

Tianmen Mountain

258RMB/PAX(March - November); including Tianmen Cabelcar and tourism bus        
225RMB/PAX(December - February; including Tianmen Cabelcar               

The Glass Skywalk
The Lift on the top of Mountain
Mountain Escalator

★ How to plan a tour to Tianmen Mountain
The tour needs more than half a day, even a full day if you want to travel slowly. The tour often goes this way:
 Take Cablecar up Tianmen Mountain directly, head to the Western Line to enjoy The Cliff-Hanging Walkway, have a walking on The Glass Skywalk, continue visit Tianmen Mountain Temple( you can skip it if you do not interested). Ride lift back to Tianmen upper Cablecar Sation. Go to the Estern Line, take the escalator thorough the mountain down to Tianmen Cave, after that take shuttle bus to the cablecar down station.
 Take shuttle bus in Tianmen cablecar Station on the 99 Bends, visit Tianmen Cave, then take the escalator thorough the mountain up to the top of mountain, Head to Tianmen Upper cablecar station and continue to the Western Line, enjoy The Cliff-Hanging Walkway, have a walking on The Glass Skywalk, continue visit Tianmen Mountain Temple( you can skip it if you do not interested). Ride lift back to Tianmen upper Cablecar Sation, then ride Tianmen Cablecar down mountain.(highly recommended)
Good to know: Tianmen Mountain is very crowded in peak seasons, especially in summer time and some holidays, it is common to spend 2 hours or even more than 3 hours to take Tianmen Cablecar, so you can visit some nearby scenic spots in the morning such as Tujia Folk Garden, Laodao Bay, then go to Tianmen Mountain after 11:00am.
There is no restaurants on the top of mountain, the snacks on the mountain is expensive, you'd better bring some snacks before going to Tianmen Mountain.

★ When to go
Almost any time of the year is good for visiting Tianmen Mountain,but the best time to visit it is April, May, June, September and October. It often snows in winter,December and January are the coldest time onTianmen Mountain, the top is covered with snow and ice, so the road to Tianemen Cave is closed and you can only see the cave when you are in Tianmen Cablecar. The scenery is best on clear days. On rainy days there is usually thick fog (cloud) over the mountains, which covers everything. Mists are usually heavy if it rains the day before.

★ How to get there 


★Where to stay
Since Tianmen Mountain is located in Zhangjiajie City, so we recommend you to stay one night in Zhangjiajie City. There are a lot of good hotels you can choose, The most popular hotels are Sunshine Hotel, The Best Western Grand Hotel, Huatian Hotel and so on.

★ Safety Advice
1. Tianmen Mountain is a national forest park with luxuriant plants. It is special fire control unit. Except for the specially set smoking points, smoking is prohibited within the whole park. Meanwhile, starting fire, camping fire or barbecuing are forbidden in any place of the scenic zone.
2. Since Tianmen Mountain belongs to the typical karst landform. There are many natural pits and hidden caves within the scenic zone. The terrain is complicated. So for your safety please don't deviate from the touring route to your own wills.
3. For your safety, please don't climb or transcend the protective trails, neither forcefully lean on the rails for fear of sudden disaster.
4. Please don't stay or take pictures at the places without protective facilities outside the limit of the touring routes.
5. The platform within the Tianmen Cave is relatively small. Please don't stay there too long for fear of over crowded in the cave.
6. The Heavenly Ladder us rather steep and precipitous. Please don't run , jump and fight playful during the climbing.
7. Please carefully read the notice on riding on the environmentally clean vehicles and cablecars. Tourists with heart diseases, hypertension, dottiness or overdrinking are denied to ride on the cablecars.
8. Please keep your children within your eyesight.

★ Nearby Attractions:
 Tujia Folk Garden
Address: Nanzhuang Road, Wulipo,Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City
Located in Zhangjiajie city, it is comprehensive travel service, which provides tour, performance, artworks exhibition, accommodation, meal and entertainment. It is a masterpiece of nature and manmade.
Tianmenshan International Golf Club
Address: Wulipo,Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City
Under the foot of Tianmen mountain,besides of Li river(mother river of Zhangjiajie),this is it--The first international golf yard of Zhangjiajie--Tianmen international Golf Club! You can stay in Zhangjiajie and enjoying golf with beautiful environment around.
 Laodao Bay
Address: Ganzi Ping Village, Guanliping district, Zhangjiajie City
Located in the south of Zhangjiajie City, Laodao Bay is a newly-discovered scenic spot in Zhangjiajie. It is 7 kilometers away from the city center, and the total area is more than 9000 mu.This is a good place for adventurer.
 Fox Lady Show
Address: Tianmen Mountain Valley
The Fox Lady Show is the first natural set music, song and dance drama with high mountains and peaks as the background and a canyon as the stage in the world. The music, song and dance is performed at the canyon which runs from the front gate of the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Zone to the top of Tianmen Mountain.